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The Healthy Spaces Team deliver a range of sociable walks within the Walsall Borough, each lasting approximately one hour Walks are suitable for all ages and abilities and equipment for the session is provided free. You will need to wear sensible footwear and suitable outdoor clothing.

Join us on our FREE enjoyable walks, make new friends and improve your health and wellbeing.

For those who have completed our ‘Power of Poles’ or ‘Learn to Nordic Walk’ starter sessions.  Our walks take in local parks, canals and countryside and are enjoyed by groups of mixed ability.

Mandy Meehan

I am a Community Support Officer with qualifications in Health and Fitness, Cardiac, Stroke and Cancer Rehabilitation.

I enjoy encouraging people to achieve their health and fitness goals.

A great believer In activity for health and wellbeing, I can’t wait to share WALX sessions with you.

Mark Hickman

I am a newly qualified WALX instructor, with a background in Parks and Green Space management.  I am a great believer in encouraging people to access our open spaces.  I am looking forward for this programme to enable people to do so.

Richard Phillips

I am a newly qualified WALX instructor with a background in environmental studies and management.  I look forward to using these activities to benefit individuals whilst engaging in our natural environment.


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